How Frozen Chili is Shipped

When you place an order to have frozen chili delivered, exactly what do you get?


Brighton Dynamite Chiles Frozen to keep for years

What you are ordering

  • Varieties are guaranteed – Hatch chili from Hatch, Pueblo chili from Pueblo, etc.
  • The chili is packed whole with skins on right after roasting
  • Chili then are vacuum sealed in sturdy food service plastic bags that will hold up for over 2 years
  • Each bushel is 12 lbs total, comprised of six 2-lb bags
  • You can mix and match all you want (ie, two bags Big Jim & four bags Sandia)
  • The order page lists the 10 most popular varieties, but you really have about 20 varieties to choose from
  • The smallest shipping container can hold more than six bags. You can save money by ordering more than a bushel
  • You can order partial bushels (like 9 bags, which is one and a half bushels)
  • We also offer chili that has been cleaned and destemmed OR cleaned and diced, ready to unthaw and throw right in the pot! Prices vary depending on weight and variety.


Shipping container for frozen chiles
How the chiles are packed and shipped

  • The 2-lb bags have been vacuum sealed in the height of the season and stored in subzero freezers to handle all-year demand
  • Your order is assembled and carefully packed in a styrofoam shipping container similar to what you see here
  • We use 2-day priority USPS shipping, which ensures the chiles arrive still frozen and ready to pop into your freezer


How we handle the order

 Orders are shipped on the following Monday after your order is placed. This is ensure 2-day or 3-day delivery and avoid the situation where chiles sit in a warehouse over the weekend

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